Our products are handmade, so we pay special attention to what goes into each composition. Discover the 7 ingredients of our Dry Hair Oil and their properties.
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Nelly and Thomas are body care lovers. Taking care of oneself in order to take better care of others, that is their motto. From their cocooning moments comes an idea, to create a range of natural care products made in Côte d'Ivoire for skin and hair that would make their moments of complicity even more enjoyable.

With a selection of ingredients produced on the whole African continent and sourced in Côte d'Ivoire, the products of the different ranges are intended to be both minimalist and effective. Handmade with love and passion in Abidjan, capital of the world's leading cocoa producer, Marron terre offers a selection of skincare products made with natural active ingredients for soft, hydrated and healthier skin and hair.

One of our main ingredients is Cocoa Butter, which is extracted by cold pressing of cocoa beans and has an extraordinarily long list of properties. Nourishing and protective, powerful antioxidant, it fights against the effects of ageing by restoring elasticity and tone to the skin. It nourishes and restores vitality to dry hair and protects it durably from dehydration. 
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